World Alaskan Malamute Annual 2012 Edition

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The 2012 yearbook is the “pilot episode” or, how the  Web 2.0 says , the Beta version of a publishing project. We know  it’s a big challenge but we are convinced that  such a  superb breed, whose  history  goes far beyond the modern dog selection,  deserves it.

world alaskan malamute yearbook 2012 edition

38,00€ (~ 50.00$) + Shipping and Handling.

A yearbook  that includes the passion that  globally involves all breeders throughout five continents.
The WAMA project begins with a theme. The idea is to dedicate every year the book  year to one specific research in the breed disease genetic field. The first yearbook cannot but be dedicated to the CHD research, and 5,00 € every Yearbook sold (for an year) will be donated for the Chondrodysplasia DNA research.
This volume is 176 pages long, full color, with unpublished photos and story.

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