AUTHORS Segna Debora - Italy

NAME: Debora Segna -
STATE: Italy

TITLE: Problematic dogs or problematic owners ? This is the problem!

Debora Segna - ItalyBIOGRAPHY:

My name is Debora Segna and I’ve always been in love with animals. Since when I was a child my dream was to become a Vet, but life has taken me on a different path.
For many years I had jobs I didn’t like until I stumbled upon Konrad Lorenz book King Solomon’s Ring, that pushed me to pursue my passion and not to give up with my dreams.
I eventually earned my Dog Training Certificate (3° level Libertas FISC Coni) and I started working in this field with a passion I have never felt before.
I attended many seminars with famous ethologists and dog trainers, like: Roger Abrantes, Turid Rugaas, Mjriam Cordt, etc.
I’m also working on a project to support the Canadian Eskimo (or Inuit) Dogs breed, a rare and endangered sled dogs breed, I’m the administrator of the website with the contribution of Eskimo Dog breeders all over the world.