AUTHORS Seeley Brunell Eva - USA

NAME: Eva Brunell Seeley - USA

TITLE: Early dogs: Bessie, YukonJad,  Rowdy of Nome description and story (unpublished)

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Eva Short Seeley - USABIOGRAPHY:

Born in 1891 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Eva Seeley grew up in an era filled with influential people and events. Although Seeley lived in Massachusetts at this time, her imagination would have been drawn north, to Alaska, where each winter amazing stories were told about dogs and sledders.
In 1908, then Eva Brunell, she enrolled at Sargent College, in Boston, as a physical education major.
It was at Sargent that Seeley, under five feet tall, acquired her life-long nickname, "Short."
Seeley graduated from Sargent in 1912 and taught physical education in Massachusetts schools over the next 10 years. She would have heard all about the Alaska Gold Rush, which was in full swing at that time.
In 1924, Eva and her new husband, Milton, went to New Hampshire for their honeymoon. They fell in love with this region and moved to Wonalancet. A short time later, Eva and Milton visited Arthur Walden's Wonalancet Kennel.
A year after Milton and Eva moved to New Hampshire, the most riveting story in sled dog history was about to be told. In 1935, Seeley's efforts were rewarded when the AKC officially recognized the Alaskan Malamute.