AUTHORS Wiatowski Brigitte - Canada

NAME: Brigitte Wiatowski
STATE: Canada

TITLE: Jackson-The Puppy That Rocked The Malamute World

Brigitte Wiatowski - CANADABIOGRAPHY:

Since my early childhood in Germany I have had severe animal obsessions. We lived in an apartment and so I could not have a dog of my own, but I did walk every dog in the neighborhood no matter how big or small. We lived in a small village whose center was a dairy farm and I spent every free moment there dreaming of dogs and horses. I was infatuated and fell in love with German Shepherds. 
My parents immigrated to Canada in 1962 I bred German Shepherds under the kennel name of “Flintstone” from 1970-1982, had many successes in the show ring but my biggest passion was obedience and Schutzhund training. When the more stylish heavily angulated dog showed up here in the early 80’s, I knew it was time for me to make a choice, either to enjoy the dogs I had and leave it at that, or become involved in creating a designer dog, that would change the health and soundness of the breed forever. I decided that I was not going to be part of the breed’s demise and have never regretted that decision. In 1994 I purchased our first Alaskan Malamute ‘The Mighty Hunter of Teemew.’ Nuntuk introduced me to a type of dog that I had never experienced, since the breed I worked with before him, were robots, they were there to please their owners. Nuntuk taught me another side, one of independence and he challenged me 24hrs a day, taught me patience and most of all humility. In 1997 Mimmenuk Kennels was born under my son Jamie and in 2001 I became sole proprietor of Mimmenuk when my son got married. I love this breed and my greatest concern is the health of our breed, nothing matters more and my past has taught me that no ribbon or title is worth attaining, if we put the health issues on the back burner.