AUTHORS Gogibus Judith - FRANCE

NAME: Gogibus Judith

TITLE: Hera , the story of a different Malamute


I have had Alaskan Malamute since 1982. I started to breed in 1985. Since the beginning I was very concerned with the health problems.
I have been very involved in the dog world for many years. I am a judge for conformation and for working.
I have been working for 20 years on collecting data about Malamutes and I hope that soon I could share my data with other Malamute people. My focus is to do the best for the breed.
In 2003, I imported a bitch from USA named Kamelot’s Just A Celtic Dream and she is now my foundation bitch. I try to get Malamute with sweet temeprament, who have a potential for work and standard conformation .
Since the beginning I was very concerned the health problems.
When a case of chondrodysplasia appeared in Belgium in 2009, I tried to do all it was possible to help the research. My son brought Hera to USA because it was the only way to be sure that this girl was a dwarf.