AUTHORS Henderson Joe - USA

NAME: Joe Henderson
STATE: Alaska - USA


Joe Henderson - USABIOGRAPHY: Joe Henderson and his loyal malamute companions of Alaskan Arctic Expeditions have explored the most remote regions of Alaska over the past 30 years. Joe is an expert dog musher, trainer, arctic traveler and wilderness survivalist. He and his team have experienced the most extreme weather conditions imaginable with no shelter to speak of other than Joe's tried and true arctic tent design. Joe is one of the few explorers in history who has spent countless months traveling solo in one of the most brutal environments in North America.

Joe has trained various breeds of working dogs throughout his life.  As he made his way north from Michigan where he grew up, he stumbled upon the Alaskan Malamute and used them to help him haul goods and supplies during his days in Canada and Alaska’s arctic.  Since then, he has established one of the most resilient, hard-core malamute dog sledding teams in modern times.  He shares a special bond with his malamutes and each one is an integral part of his family.