NAME: Veronique van Delen

TITLE: Dutch National Specialty 2012 (pictures and results)

Veronique van Delen - NETHERLANDSBIOGRAPHY: Beside my work at a lawyers office I am a certified dogbehaviourtherapist and I run my own dogtrainingschool (all breeds). For a couple of years I was secretary of the AMCN and I was one of the editors of the AMCN-magazine.
Every year I organize the Dutch Clubshow and Youngdogshow AMCN and assist in other organisations or at events if necessary.
There were always dogs and other animals in my life. My first Malamute (1994) was a maledog with a heavy character. I have learned a lot from him about the relationship between human and dog. When he was 3 years old I bought a female malamute and made some plans to breed. In the meantime I have had some litters and at this moment I have 5 Malamutes. I present my dogs on dogshows, I work them (sled, hiking, backpack, pulka, agility), I organize kennelmeetings and I take the Malamutes everywhere I go if I can (on holidays, etc).
Short and simple: I have a lot of fun with them