NAME: Erna Upmeijer

TITLE: What details do you look at (consider/observe) when judging a Malamute.

Erna Upmeijer - HOLLANDBIOGRAPHY: My name is Erna Upmeijer. I was born as a “doggy”person. At home we had English Cockerspaniels, which I tried to show and practiced obedience. My first encounter with Alaskan Malamutes was at Earl and Nathalie Norris ( Kuvak) Alaska, . I lived in Alaska for a few months during my work, in 1979. I was taken by the powerfull build and the ability to sled with them. Because of my work I couldn’t keep dogs, so I turned my attention to my other interest , the Icelandic Horses. I started breeding and riding them, and I currently still do. When I met my husband Cees Hartveld ( Kataum Inua), he did had Icelandic Horses and Malamutes for over 10 years, was breeding them as well as racing them. We continued together and still are. Although we only work them recreational now.
In 1996 I passed my  breed judging exam for the Alaskan Malamute, followed by the Siberian Husky, and in 2009 I became a FCI Group V judge. I have been on the Alaskan Malamute club of the Netherlands board for 12 years, and currently are an editor of the magazine. Co-editor on the book Alaskan Malamutes 25 years in Netherland. Chairman of the Northern breed  National show, chairman of the Regional dogclub, and work for the Judges education Committee for the Dutch kennel club.  I had the pleasure to judge the Alaskan Malamute in lots of countries in Europe, and especially enjoyed judging the Working Dogshowcase at the 2008 AMCA National, Olympia, Washington, USA, with Jamie Nelson and Sue Fuller