AUTHORS Michaudon Régine - FRANCE

NAME: Régine Michaudon

TITLE: French Nationale Speciality 2012 (Pictures and results)

Régine Michaudon - FRANCEBIOGRAPHY: I have above all else, a passion for animals. I got my first dog 'Prince' at the age of 15 years: a tri color black, white and tan male collie. I don’t remember why I chose this breed (maybe because of the Lassie movie). Prince was a purebred but was unregistered. Unfortunately he died at the age of 6 years. Calypso Blue of Portland Park, a beautiful blue merle female collie, came quickly to fill the void left by Prince’s death.
As soon as I was able to buy a house, I wanted to get Calypso a friend, I wanted a different breed as I am convinced of the benefits of diversity. After hesitating between several breeds, I studied the characteristics of each and my choice fell to the Alaskan Malamute, I had discovered the breed through an American television series. Thus, Stormy Monday My Sweet Lady Jane, a female wolf gray of 2 months old joined Calypso and I in November 1996.
Calypso was submissive by nature, fortunately because Jane had a strong character.
Jane’s Breeder (Pary Dauvet) was a member of the Alaskan Malamute Club of France, so of course I joined the club and I also joined the committee of AMCF. I was in charge of the magazine, the website, the shop, the sponsors and in part, the organization of the national club show. After 10 years I decided to leave the committee. I am AMCF member  since 1996 and AMCA member since 2006.   I did some volunteer secretarial work for the SCC. I have all the books and magazines written on the breed. I also showed my dogs, a rather important activity in the dog world. However, not as a breeder, as Calypso was never in heat and Jane had to be sterilized at the age of 4 years.
After the passing of Calypso, I decided to look for a male puppy, not necessarily to keep Jane company as she was perfectly content by herself, but to have two dogs so I did not risk finding myself without a dog.
I was looking for a gray male puppy from American blood lines, which I love. I contacted Kimberly Meredith in 2002, as Jane’s breeder had told me that one of Kimberly’s owners wanted to rehome his 4 year old seal and white male, a son of AJ. I loved AJ and so I agreed to rehome him immediately. So Phantom (Atanik's Kuskokwim Incognito) entered my home and my life. Phantom was a very lovable dog. I loved him and was thankful to Kim for this very special boy. Phantom sired some litters in Europe. He died in December 2010, only two years after Jane, this was a very hard time.
Today, I have two dogs, a blonde female Hovawart at 2 years of age (Fantasia in Blue of Selawik River) and of course a Malamute, a 15 month old female, (SilverIce’s  French Kiss) who is of the same blood line as Phantom. Thanks to Alisa for entrusting me with ‘Kiss’;