AUTHORS Avigni Alessandro - ITALY

NAME: Alessandro Avigni

TITLE: The Bulldog paradox

Alessandro Avigni - ITALYBIOGRAPHY: I have always had dogs in my life. In 1991, after the loss of my German Shepherd, I saw a couple of Alaskan Malamute and I was astonished. I decided that he would be my next dog. A friend of mine lent me one of the USA books about the breed: "This is The Alaskan Malamute" and I was very lucky because my first Malamute was a special dog. With Dusky, this was his name, I began to take part to dog shows, and we won the BIS at the Austrian Bundessieger over 6000 dogs. Soon I started to breed: few litters with definite purposes for me. My Kennel name is Paha Sapa Mals
I bought my last dog in 1996, and so far, a dog of my 5th generation won the BISS at Dutch Clubshow, one of the most prestigious in Europe.
In the last 20 years, there were several victories in Clubshows and also many BISS  with the best breed specialist judges, thanks to the job on the original Alaskan Malamute type.