NAME: Johanna Laak

TITLE: Feeding the Alaskan Malamute - Raw diet or dry food?

Johanna Laak - ESTONIABIOGRAPHY: My name is Johanna Laak

I've had dogs since I remember, but I got my first personal dog (St. Bernard) for my 12th birthday. I started going to dog shows, trainings, met different breeders, had my first litter and year by year it changed from having-a-dog into living-a-lifesyle. When I got my first malamute, everything went on very fast. I moved to a countryside and within two years I had 6 malamutes and I complitely lost myself for these strong sweethearts. They all work and we, together with my boyfriend, train them every day. In my opinion since malamute is a working dog, it is important that every malamute has the possibility to work. If not in a proffessional level then at least for fun. It makes them happy, because this is what they enjoy the most. My dogs love pulling even more than laying on the couch. I'm a member of board of the Estonian Malamute Club and enjoying every day of my life since my dogs make them so much better!