AUTHORS Urbani Gloria - ITALY

NAME: Gloria Urbani

TITLE: What details do you look at (consider/observe) when judging a Malamute.

Gloria Urbani - ITALYBIOGRAPHY: Gloria Urbani comes from a family of ancient canine traditions, her grandfather Umberto Corsiglia has been breeding since 1945 German Shepherds and Collies with the kennel  name  "Villa Gaia".
At school she falls in love with a famous Alaskan Malamute, a dog coming from the United States to attend to the Monte Carlo, San Remo and Nice dog show: the Bis Ch. Glaciers Storm Kloud.

And it is with a big puppy Sugar River Foxfire, grandson of this great dog, seen at dog show a few months earlier and given her for school promotion, that starts her long journey into the world of the Alaskan Malamute.

Since 1973 she devoted herself with true passion to the breeding and selection of this wonderful breed with the kennel name "Lago Degli Orsi" and her dogs have received prestigious recognitions around the world.
Moreover many of them were also the founders of important kennels in Europe.

Despite a very limited number of puppies, the "Lago Degli Orsi" breed boasts to date 362 titles around the world with 163 Best in Show won, two of which at World Dog Show.
Many subjects  "Lago Degli Orsi"  have earned the American Championship, in the very home of this wonderful breed.

Gloria Urbani has been frequently invited to judge, from the Alaskan Malamute Club of America Specialty, the Sweepstakes and Progeny classes and she is the author of two books on this breed.
For many many years she has been the President of the Italian Club Alaskan Malamute.