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the size is  A4 (21x29.7cm | 8.27x11.7inch)

21x29.7cm + 4 mm | 8.27x11.7inch + 0.16 inch per each side of the page (final size: 21.8x30.5cm | 8.59x12.02inch)  to consider the  typographic sizing


A  .pdf or .jpg, in high resolution. The file should be sent in CMYK colour model profile. If sent in  RGB colour model,  we’ll change it into the  CMYK, without sending a prior proof print  for  approval.

Yes, we do.  Use this link to  download the model. Transparent Background, CMYK colour model and guides for the +4mm | +0.16inch sizing on each side (LINK)

The deadline is October 31st,  2012

The estimated date for publication is December 01, 2012, when also the delivery of the yearbook copies might start. Please consider that, this being  the very first edition, our minimum target  is to have  50 pages dedicated to the Malamute breeders and lovers. If that number of pages is not reached, the yearbook will not be printed, and we’ll  refund in full the amount paid for the booking of the adv. pages.

Yes, you will. Further, those who  buy more than one page will receive  an additional copy for every  page of the Yearbook purchased, after the first one.

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