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Alessandro Avigni

During these years  I have been working in  publishing at different levels: both standard and web. I’ve  made catalogues for the most important Italian dog exhibitions ;  I published for 5 years a free delivered agenda/yearbook about breeders and Italian companies (more than 6000 copies); I’ve also published a book on the Basset Hound. Above all,  I’ve been the  publisher for over 5 years  of “Pet Mania TV”  a TV  project about pets,  broadcasted via the satellite (Hotbird sat) for 2 years and now online on the Italian DTT (digital terrestrial television). This channel reaches 25 million users all over the Italian territory.

Marco Nodari

I’ve  worked for several companies, being fully involved  in  graphic design of various products,  first in a robotics company, then in a spinning company. The passion for graphics and will  to learn had led me in the first  90's to  the web world, where  I could work with some of the best dog breeder  realities. Since 2007 I’ve been webmaster and marketing manager for SBK ITALIA snc, a workshop of leads and sled dog articles, whose appreciation is sensibly growing  throughout Italy and abroad.

alaskan malamute - a passion that unites us

Alessandro Avigni

Alessandro Avigni - ItalyI have always had dogs in my life. In 1991, after the loss of my German Shepherd, I saw a couple of Alaskan Malamute and I was astonished. I decided that he would be my next dog. A friend of mine lent me one of the USA books about the breed: "This is The Alaskan Malamute" and I was very lucky because my first Malamute was a special dog. With Dusky, this was his name, I began to take part to dog shows, and we won the BIS at the Austrian Bundessieger over 6000 dogs. Soon I started to breed: few litters with definite purposes for me.
I bought my last dog in 1996, and so far, a dog of my 5th generation won the BISS at Dutch Clubshow, one of the most prestigious in Europe.
In the last 20 years, there were several victories in Clubshows and also many BISS  with the best breed specialist judges, thanks to the job on the original Alaskan Malamute type.

Marco Nodari

Marco Nodari - ItalyDogs and animals have been my passion  since I was a child. Born in a country house, surrounded by stables and animals, I think  it’s inevitable: love it or hate it. The love for this breed was like love at first sight. One day, I was  in the gym and  my trainer came with a puppy. I looked at him distractly  while I was  training. Yet, this little  dog remained in my memory. Years later, looking on the internet for some information about breeds, here he was: the Alaskan Malamute.  The Internet era was just exploded  (at least in Italy) and forums talking about this breed  were very few. Through  one of these I could get the right contacts to address and guide me in choosing  my very first puppy. Since then the family has grown up, new puppies were born (2 and 4 feet), the hierarchies have  changed over time as in a pack. Since then I live in the fascinating world of the Alaskan Malamute.

Johanna Laak
Country Account Estonia

Johanna Laak - ESTONIAI've had dogs since I remember, but I got my first personal dog (St. Bernard) for my 12th birthday. I started going to dog shows, trainings, met different breeders, had my first litter and year by year it changed from having-a-dog into living-a-lifesyle. When I got my first malamute, everything went on very fast. I moved to a countryside and within two years I had 6 malamutes and I complitely lost myself for these strong sweethearts. They all work and we, together with my boyfriend, train them every day. In my opinion since malamute is a working dog, it is important that every malamute has the possibility to work. If not in a proffessional level then at least for fun. It makes them happy, because this is what they enjoy the most. My dogs love pulling even more than laying on the couch. I'm a member of board of the Estonian Malamute Club and enjoying every day of my life since my dogs make them so much better!

Kat Copley-Holland
Country Account United Kingdom

Kat Copley-Holland - United KingdomI have had dogs all my life, showing and working many different breeds along the way, but it wasn't until I left the military and got married that I could live my life long dream of owning Malamutes. I now have my own Kennel (Katabatic) which I am slowly building with quality dogs and breedings from across the world.
Currently I sit on the AMCUK Health Sub-Committee, AMCA Health Sub-Committee and the International Alaskan Malamute Health Alliance, all of which promoting DNA submission and research. Sadly, after one of my own Malamutes is affected with a genetic issue, I feel that is my duty to continue to promote these conditions and issues within our breed. If no action is taken then yet another generation of breeders will sadly fall into the trap of "not in my kennel" which can only bring about the demise of our beloved Alaskan Malamutes.

Veronique van Delen
Country Account Netherlands

Veronique van Delen - NETHERLANDSBeside my work at a lawyers office I am a certified dogbehaviourtherapist and I run my own dogtrainingschool (all breeds). For a couple of years I was secretary of the AMCN and I was one of the editors of the AMCN-magazine.
Every year I organize the Dutch Clubshow and Youngdogshow AMCN and assist in other organisations or at events if necessary.
There were always dogs and other animals in my life. My first Malamute (1994) was a maledog with a heavy character. I have learned a lot from him about the relationship between human and dog. When he was 3 years old I bought a female malamute and made some plans to breed. In the meantime I have had some litters and at this moment I have 5 Malamutes. I present my dogs on dogshows, I work them (sled, hiking, backpack, pulka, agility), I organize kennelmeetings and I take the Malamutes everywhere I go if I can (on holidays, etc).
Short and simple: I have a lot of fun with them.


Senay Usta
Country Account Belgium

I have had always a strong bond with dogs from childhood. On my 13th I got my first Malamute from my parents.
Since then, my live has been changed for ever! Because I was bitten with the "Malamutitis" :o)
In 1997 I became an official agility and obedience  instructor of the Belgium Kennel Club and that same year I started to handel dogs at shows. I'm specialised in FCI group 5 and FCI group 2. In the meantime I not only had the privilege to be the handler of several number one Malamutes but also the handler/breeder of several number one Malamutes in Belgium and the breeder of several number one malamutes in other European countries. But the show wins are not why we do all of this. It is for the love of the breed. My dogs are doing obedience, agility, carting, showing, backpaking and weightpulling.
I strongly believe this is a multifunctional and very intelligent breed and we should preserve it. I have had luck to been mentored and still being mentored by wonderfull people in the breed, one can never know enough about this gorgeous breed.


Régine Michaudon
Country Account France

Régine Michaudon - FRANCEI have above all else, a passion for animals. I got my first dog 'Prince' at the age of 15 years: a tri color black, white and tan male collie. I don’t remember why I chose this breed (maybe because of the Lassie movie). Prince was a purebred but was unregistered. Unfortunately he died at the age of 6 years. Calypso Blue of Portland Park, a beautiful blue merle female collie, came quickly to fill the void left by Prince’s death.
As soon as I was able to buy a house, I wanted to get Calypso a friend, I wanted a different breed as I am convinced of the benefits of diversity. After hesitating between several breeds, I studied the characteristics of each and my choice fell to the Alaskan Malamute, I had discovered the breed through an American television series. Thus, Stormy Monday My Sweet Lady Jane, a female wolf gray of 2 months old joined Calypso and I in November 1996.
Calypso was submissive by nature, fortunately because Jane had a strong character.
Jane’s Breeder (Pary Dauvet) was a member of the Alaskan Malamute Club of France, so of course I joined the club and I also joined the committee of AMCF. I was in charge of the magazine, the website, the shop, the sponsors and in part, the organization of the national club show. After 10 years I decided to leave the committee. I am AMCF member  since 1996 and AMCA member since 2006.   I did some volunteer secretarial work for the SCC. I have all the books and magazines written on the breed. I also showed my dogs, a rather important activity in the dog world. However, not as a breeder, as Calypso was never in heat and Jane had to be sterilized at the age of 4 years.
After the passing of Calypso, I decided to look for a male puppy, not necessarily to keep Jane company as she was perfectly content by herself, but to have two dogs so I did not risk finding myself without a dog.
I was looking for a gray male puppy from American blood lines, which I love. I contacted Kimberly Meredith in 2002, as Jane’s breeder had told me that one of Kimberly’s owners wanted to rehome his 4 year old seal and white male, a son of AJ. I loved AJ and so I agreed to rehome him immediately. So Phantom (Atanik's Kuskokwim Incognito) entered my home and my life. Phantom was a very lovable dog. I loved him and was thankful to Kim for this very special boy. Phantom sired some litters in Europe. He died in December 2010, only two years after Jane, this was a very hard time.
Today, I have two dogs, a blonde female Hovawart at 2 years of age (Fantasia in Blue of Selawik River) and of course a Malamute, a 15 month old female, (SilverIce’s  French Kiss) who is of the same blood line as Phantom. Thanks to Alisa for entrusting me with ‘Kiss’;.

Barbara Tokarska
Country Account Poland

Dogs always are an integral part of my life since I remember they always accompanied me. Ispired and suprised to such an extent that it decided to deepen the knowledge in their direction. I start to learn about them dogs psychology and veterinary . The issue of breeding started germinate when I was frequent visitor in my uncle Alaskan malamute kennel. In that place I meet them deeper and Alaskan Malamute become a breed I loved all my heart and can`t imagine my live without them. Currently I am a professional groomer and handler, I have own company associated with the dogs in all kinds of fields. I love the dog shows, but i think that there isn`t nothink more beautiful that sleding in the forest with my pack. My kennel "Malamute Sanctuary FC" was registred in 2006, I prefere on Nanuke, Uyak and Snowlion lines. Extremally important for me is malamute health.