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In the internet and globalization era, also the Alaskan Malamute has shown  an increased  interest and the relationships between breeders worldwide,   which a few years ago seemed  hardly feasible and conceivable,  have  now become  a habit.
The WAMA’s aim is to become  a meeting point where merging  experiences, know how, skills and passions of those who  have chosen an Alaskan Malamute as their mate.

what is?

The 2012 yearbook is intended  to be the “pilot episode” or, how the  Web 2.0 says , the Beta version of a publishing project. We know  it’s a big challenge but we are convinced that  such a  superb breed, whose  history  goes far beyond the modern dog selection,  deserves it.
A yearbook  that includes the passion that  globally involves all breeders throughout five continents.
The WAMA project begins with a theme . The idea is to dedicate every year the book  year to one specific research in the breed disease genetic field. The first yearbook cannot but be  dedicated to the CHD research.

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